Approximately 200 feet South of the intersection of Torrey Ridge Drive and Del Mar Heights Road on Torrey Ridge Drive in the Southbound lane.


Thursday, March 12, 2020 around 12:30 P.M.

Weather Conditions

It was raining slightly.

Drivers and Vehicles

Avery Benjamin

2020 blue Chevrolet Bolt (VIN 1G1FY6S07L4112674, CA license 8PGC089)

Lindsay Blischak

2011 silver Toyota Highlander (VIN 5TDYK3EH2BS049939, CA license 6XQP780)

Avery’s Testimony

My car, a blue Chevy Bolt, was parallel parked facing South/uphill. There were cars parked in front of and behind me. The section of road I was parked on has only a single lane in each direction, with a raised center median. After I got into my car and checked my rear view and left side mirror, I slowly reversed as far as I could using the back-up camera to give me room to leave my parking space. I looked in both the rear-view and driver’s side view mirrors, and seeing no one, turned the wheel left, and began to pull out of the parking spot on the hill I was parked in. I was travelling at no more than 2 MPH when I began turning into the main road (Torrey Ridge Drive). I heard a car beep their horn and rev their engine. I immediately stopped in the position I was in. Approximately two seconds after I stopped, the highlander’s front and back right wheel wells scraped and crushed the left front quarter panel and front bumper of the Bolt near the charging port. The driver claimed they were "going the speed limit, but couldn’t brake in time". I did not hear any sound of squealing tires, so I believe the driver made little or no attempt to stop, thinking instead they could go around me. In an area densely populated by students walking around in rain, cars should be going way under the speed limit instead of racing around impatiently revving their engine and blaring their horn. To avoid this problem the driver could have easily waited a few seconds for me to pull out of my space and drive away.


Scene of Accident

In the following photos, a blue line / arrow in the picture indicates the approximate location of Avery’s car.

Overview of area showing Torrey Pines High School


Torrey Ridge Drive. East at top. Blue line indicates where Avery’s car was parked.


Torrey Ridge Drive Oblique view. West at top. Blue line indicates where Avery’s car was parked.


Torrey Ridge Drive looking Southeast. From Google StreetView image capture March, 2019.


Lindsay Blischak / Toyota Highlander

Rear of Toyota Highlander, showing license plate


Blischak insurance card


Highlander right front door and front quarter panel.


Highlander right rear panel in front of right rear wheel.


Avery Benjamin / Chevy Bolt

Left front fender of Chevy Bolt


Left front bumper of Chevy Bolt