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The Accredited Registrar Directory: 

Alphabetical Listing of Registrars by Company/Organization Name

The information that appears for each registrar, including the referral web address and contact information, has been provided by each individual registrar.

Companies accredited as registrars by ICANN and currently operational:
#1 Domain Names International, Inc. US #1 Domain Names International, Inc. Contact info for 123 This is a test.
123 US 123 Contact info for 123
1 eNameCo US e-names contact info for
1st US 1st
A+ Net US link to Abacus America/A+Net
A Technology Canada
Active ISP ASA Norway Active ISP ASA Contact Information for Active ISP ASA
Address Creation US Address Creation Contact Information for Address Creation
AWRegistry US link to AW Registry, Inc. US Contact Information for
America Online  US link to American Online
BB Online UK Ltd. UK BB Online Contact Information for
Bulk US Bulk
CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH Germany Contact Information for
Capital Networks, Pty. Ltd. Australia Capital Networks Pty. Ltd. Contact Information for Capital Networks Pty Ltd, Inc. US, Inc.
CORE - Internet Council of Registrars Switzerland
Computer Data Networks Kuwait Computer Data Networks Contact information for Computer Data Networks
DADA Spa Italy DADA Spa Contact Information for DADA Spa
Domain Bank, Inc.  US Domain Bank
Domain Registration Services US link to contact info for Domain Registration Services Sweden US Link to DomainPeople, Inc. DomainPeople, Inc. contact information US Contact info for, Inc. US, Inc. Contact Information for, Inc. US Contact Information for US
Dotster, Inc. US link to contact information on Dotster, Inc.
Eastern Communications Co., Ltd. China Eastern Communications Co., Ltd. Contact Information for Eastern Communications
Easyspace, Ltd. UK / US link to Easyspace link to contact info for Easyspace Corporation US contact info for Corporation
eNom, Inc. US link to eNom.|
EPAG Enter Price Multimedia AG Germany EPAG Enter Price Multimedia AG contact info for EPAG Enter Price Multimedia AG
France Telecom/Transpac France
Gabia Korea Gabia Contact information for Gabia
Gandi France
Global Knowledge Group, Inc. US GKG Contact GKG
Go Daddy Software, Inc. US Go Daddy Software, Inc. Contact Information for Go Daddy Software
HANGANG Systems, Inc. Korea
IBI Co., Ltd Korea IBI Co., Ltd.
InnerWise, Inc. d.b.a. US
InterAccess Co. US InterAccess Contact Information for InterAccess
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. d/b/a US Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. d/b/a logo Contact Information for Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. d/b/a
Interdomain, S.A. Spain Interdomain SA Contact Information for InterDomain
Internet Domain Registrars US link to Internet Domain Registrars
Internet Names WorldWide Australia
interQ Incorporated Japan
Key-Systems GmbH Germany, Inc. Canada, Inc. Contact Information for, Inc.
Namebay Monaco Namebay Contact Information for Namebay
The NameIt Corporation US link to
NameEngine, Inc US Ltd. Bermuda contact information for Ltd. US
NetBenefit plc UK NetBenefit plc
Network Solutions, Inc.   US link to Network Solutions
Nominalia Internet S.L. Spain Nominalia Internet S.L. contact information for Nominalia Internet S.L.
NORDNET France link to NORDNET Contact Info for NORDNET
Omnis Network, LLC US Omnis Network, LLC Contact Information for Omnis Network, LLC
OnlineNIC, Inc. China OnlineNIC, Inc.
PSI-Japan, Inc. Japan link to PSI-Japan link to contact information on PSI-Japan, Inc.
Parava Networks, Inc. US Parava Networks, Inc.
pAsia, Inc. China pAsia, Inc. Contact Information for pAsia, Inc.
PlanetDomain Australia US Link to
The Registry at Info Avenue US The Registry at Info Ave
Research Institute for 
Computer Science, Inc.
Japan Research Institute for Computer Science, Inc.
Schlund+Partner AG Germany Schlund & Partner AG contact info for Schlund & Partner AG
Secura GmbH Germany Contact Information for Secura Gmbh
Signature Domains, Inc.  US Signature Domains
Speednames, Inc. Denmark Speednames, Inc. Contact Info for Speednames, Inc.
Stargate Communications, Inc. US US Contact Info for
TierraNet, Inc. US link to TierraNet Link to TierraNet contact info
Total Web Solutions UK Total Web Solutions Contact Information for Total Web Solutions, Inc. Canada link to link to contact information
Virtual Internet UK Virtual Internet (UK) Ltd. Contact Information for Virtual Internet
Web Express, Inc. US Web Express, Inc. Contact Information
Xin Net, Corp. Canada Contact Information for
YesNIC Co., Ltd. Korea

To view a list of all entities accredited by ICANN to register names in .com, .net and .org, including those that are not currently operational, please refer to the ICANN List of Accredited and Accreditation-Qualified Registrars.