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About Energy ratings:

Energy is measured in Joules. 1 Joule = 1 Watt-second. Energy listings are the maximum per-flash energy rating (input to flash tube) for each available model. In the United States, the Watt-second is the customary unit, but this is more awkward than the Joule which is an internationally recognized unit of energy.

Some manufacturers name their models based on "effective" Watt-seconds instead of actual energy input to the flash tube. This takes into account the beam concentrating properties of the permanently attached or removable standard reflector.

Energy delivered to the flash tube provides a relative, not absolute indictation of light intensity versus another flash unit. This is because light intensity depends on many factors including flash lamp design, the application of UV attenuating coatings, diffusers, reflectors, interference from modelling lamps, etc.

Electronic Flash Manufacturers
Brand Name Phone Number Manufacturer Name / Address Comments Monolight / Monobloc Energy (Joules) Pack and Head Energy (Joules)
Alien Bees 877-714-3381 AlienBees, Inc.
530 East Iris Drive, Melrose, TN 37204
Direct sales only. Sister company White-Lightning makes heavier, more powerful units. Accessories are made in Taiwan. 160, 320, 640 -
Elinchrom 201-818-9500 Elinca
Sales through distributors only. U.S. distributor is Bogen Photo
Known for short flash duration. 530/750 monolight is rated at 530J with 120V supply, 750J with 230V supply.
300, 600, 530/750, 1200 1200, 1500, 2400, 3000, 6000
Photographers Warehouse
White Lightning 800-443-5542 Paul C. Buff, Inc.
2725 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN 37204
Direct Sales only. Heavier construction, higher available output than models made by sister company Alien Bees. 330, 660, 1000, 1320 -

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