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Laserlab, Inc. maintains state-of-the-art hardware and software for development of programs on a number of different platforms. We have tools for Microsoft Windows and UNIX platforms along with development kits for various embedded processors. Following is a list of some of our computer hardware and key peripherals, and the most important software development tools we have licenses for.

Microsoft Windows

round bulletIntel Pentium computers
Laserlab has several personal computers. Typical specifications are: 500 MHz Intel Pentium  processor, 256 MB ECC RAM, 15GB 7,200 RPM IBM IDE disk, 32X CD-ROM, ethernet interface, 21" high-resolution color monitor
round bulletMicrosoft Windows 2000 operating system
The most stable and sophisticated development environment for Windows applications. We also maintain computer systems running Windows NT 4.0,  and Windows 98 SE for compatibility testing.
{short description of image}Microsoft C++
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition C++ language development environment with compiler, debugger, class browser, etc.
{short description of image}Microsoft Visual Studio '97
Includes Microsoft J++ and Visual Basic
{short description of image}Microsoft Front Page 2000
Tool for web site development, production of HTML documentation
{short description of image}SoftQuad HotMetal Pro 4.0
Power-user's HTML editor and web site manager tool
{short description of image}Autodesk AutoCAD release 2000
CAD program for drafting, includes AutoLisp language for rapid development of specialized graphic applications

UNIX / Linux

{short description of image}Sun Sparcstation 10 workstations (2 each)
Super Sparc engineering workstations with 5GB fast SCSI-2 disk space, 64MB ECC RAM each
{short description of image}Exabyte 8mm tape drives (2 each)
2.5 and 5.0GB 8mm tape drives for system backup of both UNIX and Windows files.
{short description of image}Sun Solaris 2.5.1 UNIX operating system (on both Sparc 10s)
Most current generally available release of the most-used operating system for web-tone and systems software development
{short description of image}Full suite of GNU software development tools
GCC, G++, GDB, Perl, compilers, editors, debuggers, etc.
{short description of image}Oracle Database with development tools
Oracle version 8i relational database running 24/7 on Linux host with live data and development tools including PL/SQL, SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Reportwriter, etc.


{short description of image}24 hour / 7 day internet connection
Dedicated 144Kbps connection to the internet with FTP and WWW servers running on Sun Sparc 10 in-house.
{short description of image}2 dedicated modem lines for dial-up access
Lines are attached to local-area network via Specialix ethernet terminal server for access to all in-house host computers and internet

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